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Envelopes are essential for all businesses and even in our personal lives. Even in this day of email, text messages and Facebook we all have things that need mailed. A standard #10 business sized envelope is perfect for sending invoices or checks. A professional looking envelope with your logo and return address are essential. Even at home an envelope with a preprinted return address can save time and energy.

Envelopes come in multiple sizes. A #10 envelope is the standard business size that most of us are used to seeing. It can come with or without windows. The next most common size is a #9, made to fit easily inside a #10. This is commonly referred to as a BRE or "business return envelope". Another common size is an A-2. This envelope is commonly used for invitations and thank you cards. It holds one fourth of a sheet of paper perfectly. Envelopes for invitations come in a variety of sizes. Please see the envelope chart to help you determine what you need. When determining what you would like printed on your envelope it is useful to remember that envelopes printed in black ink are the most inexpensive and envelopes printed in full four color process are the most expensive. Even if your logo is in color we can create it in a black and white version for use on an envelope that is simply for paying bills. Color logos can be printed on envelopes used for correspondent with clients. Color Logos may be printed in one color, two color, three color or full four color process. Envelopes can come in a standard inexpensive paper or can be created by the same paper as your letterhead to match exactly. Envelopes matching your letterhead should be expected to cost at least double what a standard envelope costs. Envelopes that have a self-sealing strip: either peel-and-seal or flip-and-stick are available. This also increases cost, but many people think are well worth the added expense for the convenience. At S&T Minuteman Press we can help you determine the best envelope for the job.