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Door Hangers & Rack Cards

Door hangers and rack cards are both a small concise piece of marketing used to get people to take a quick view of your products and services. Obviously door hangers are place on the doors of homes and rack cards are left on countertops and in racks designed for this purpose.
They are similar in size and requirements for design. Both are generally on cardstock and meant to convey information quickly.
They can be one sided or two, glossy or flat, black and white or color. Rack cards are generally 3.7 by 8.5. Door hangers come in a variety of sizes which can be chosen after discussing the information that you need to have placed on the door hanger. But they can be done in the same size as a rack card only with a hole punched or hanging. You can send us your design for rack card or we can design it for you just drop us an email.