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Bindery Services


Your documents speak volumes about your company even before they're read. Our binding systems efficiently balance form with function, creating neat, professional materials that endure the demands of everyday use. Even with acetate or vinyl covers, it takes just seconds to create reports and proposals that are sure to put your company in the best light.

Booklet Binding
Comb/Coil Binding
Comb bind is a type of binding where holes are punched into the bound side and a large plastic piece (comb) or coil (thin plastic wire) is inserted in the holes to keep the document together. This type of binding is usually used for work manuals, presentations and other important work documents. Comb binding is mainly used on full pages sheets (8.5x11) and a clear plastic front cover and black plastic backs are use to give it more stability.

Saddle Stitching
Saddle stitching is when the booklet is stapled in the middle of the finished product to keep the material together. When using the saddle stitch method, you mush set your artwork in sets of 4, so 4,8,12,16 etc. (if you are short pages, blank ones have to be inserted). We can do this method for multiple sizes, but the most common is 5.5x8.5 finished size (8.5x11 folded in half) and 8.5x11 finshed size (11x17 folded in half).

Wire Binding
Wire binding is similar to comb binding, except that a thinner wire coil is used. The usual size for these are 8.5x11 with the binding on the 11 side, but we can do many different sizes and bind on most side.

Perfect Binding
Perfect binding is when the spine is glued to a wrap around cover and the binding is concealed (this would be like a paperback book). We can do any size for these books and you only need to set it in even pages.

Embossing is available. Embossing creates an elegant and stylish piece. A custom embossing die is required. Please call or email your design for a die estimate. Die costs are approximately $75 to $150.

Foil Stamping
Foil stamping in gold or silver can and an elegant accent to business cards, folders, and report covers. Some products have various foil colors available.

Our bindery professionals are experts at operating our state-of-the-art cutter. Our machines allow us to cut material as small as a 2x2 square and also creates flush cuts on all booklets and books. We cut to exacting specifications, business cards note cards, postcards and flyers, whatever needs cut we can do it correctly.

Folding & Scoring
At our location we have the ability to give you a fantastic looking product by giving it the professional finishing touch, Scoring allows documents (such as brochures) with full color pages to fold without colors cracking on the fold seams. With our folding machines able to fold most sizes, it becomes an easy way to have your printed products ready to hand to your customers. We can hand- or machine-fold your documents in a number of formats, including double parallel, tri-folds and z-folds. When folding is required on heavier stocks, scoring ensures that the fold will be clean and not damage the printed image. Scoring is making a crease in the paper so it will fold easily.

Scoring makes a brochure look professional and gives folds a clean, smooth look. Some papers will crack if not scored. Brochures with heavy color coverage can get cracks in the color at the fold if not scored. Scoring is important if you want a professional, beautiful brochure. We always include scoring in the cost of a brochure unless it is a budget brochure on light weight paper that has no risk of cracking at the fold.

With our laminating services we can provide a high gloss product that will be weather resistant and sturdy. We have a variety of thicknesses available for you to choose from.

Sequential numbering carbonless invoices, purchase orders, or other business forms are an effective way to keep your files organized and accounted for. We also number tickets, invitations, and other unique documents. We can number starting from 0001 or pick up where a previous numbering left off and we can place it anywhere on the product.

Perforating a piece to facilitate removing a portion can be an important part of design. Removing a coupon, detaching a mail back portion, tearing a ticket. There are so many reasons to perforate a printed piece. Whatever the reason we can help.

Pick-Up & Delivery
Have a sample you'd like this to quote? Have a unique item and want to know if we can make it for you? We'd be happy to come pick it up in order to give you a no obligation quote on its production. Shopping for better prices we'd be happy to pick up samples of your printed items and offer you quote on all of them. Just give us a call and will schedule a trip.

Is it difficult to get out of the office pick up your printing? We offer for free Delivery for orders over $50.00 and within a 10 mile radius. Your order doesn't meet the qualifications, we have reliable courier service available for a small price.