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Our Promise

Company Culture

We promise to listen to you. We promise to work with you to produce all of your printing and design products. We will always be there with honest, expert advice and friendly customer service. We promise when you call us during business hours, you will talk to a human being, you will only go to voicemail if we’re on the phone with another customer. And then we'll return your call promptly. When you come in to the shop we promise to give your friendly customer service and ready access to samples of our work, design ideas and paper samples.

We promise to become your printing partner. We will keep your jobs on file and make reorders easy, we will get to know you and your business and offers suggestions and updates when we see a need. If we see trends that are costing you money, we will suggest a more cost efficient solution. If we see an outdated design, we will offer suggestions for an update. We promise to do our best to take care of our customers!

Our goal is to provide you with the highest-quality products and personal, friendly service in a timely fashion and at a competitive price.